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Why Timber Products Keep You Warm

Timber framing provides not only a warm visual but a warmth you can feel, too. Have you ever wondered why log cabins are the home of choice in cold, mountainous areas? Timber products surely take precedence in these locations over concrete materials, but why? What's the appeal? The answer is simple: wood is excellent at keeping you warm and comfortable, even as a frame. Here's why:  Wood products, such as logs, absorb heat during the day and release it at night during temperature changes. Timber is great at adapting to humidity and weather fluctuations. It is true that when it is dry it can lose its insulation properties. However, its versatility allows it to adapt to and absorb moist conditions. So if you live somewhere that emits plenty of moisture in the air, like Ohio, this likely won't be a problem (this is why log cabins are perfect for mountain areas, where the weather is changing all the time). And, if you're considering only timber frames, you will still benefi
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The Beauty of Timber Framing

 Why Should You Choose Timber? At Hickory Circle Construction, we specialize in timber construction. Not only do we make homes beautiful with our timber services, but we also offer services for residential homes or commercial buildings. Now, you are probably wondering why we push using timber as our primary material. We do this because it is natural, sustainable, and environmentally friendly during a time of environmental hardships. As you may have seen, timber is absolutely stunning and proves to be an excellent choice for constructing a physical work of art. It is also more structurally efficient when looking for the safest option for building. This type of building material is beneficial to the consumer because it has fire-resistant properties and has natural ventilation elements. This proves it to be better for you in the long run because it will save you money on heating and cooling costs. Timber is also beneficial because it is naturally long and slender; this makes it perfect fo

Timber Wood Frame Home

Timber framing is a very common and traditional style of construction. This is where a structure is framed with crafted heavy timber as opposed to mass-produced thinner, dimensional lumber. The look of a timber frame is easy to identify — it offers an exposed wood appearance, often with minimal finishing. Hickory Circle offers both hands sawed or planned finishes to the client’s preference. The most popular and common types of wood for timber wood framing are:  Oake Pine Cedar  Douglas Fir  So, What are the differences between timber framing and conventionally built homes, log homes, and post and beam houses? Timber homes are complete structures made of heavy timber vertical posts supporting horizontal beams. These form cross-sections called bents, and multiple bents create bays. Conventionally built homes are framed with smaller dimensional lumber that is readily available at the lumberyards. Because the materials are smaller, load-bearing walls must be incorporated into the design to

Why a wooden cabin or lodge should be your next vacation home project for 2022

      Homes that implement timber wood as part of their design and frame are stunning. Have you ever stayed in a log cabin in Tennessee and found yourself wishing the vacation would never end? Those types of vacation homes bring warmth, peace, and charm that steel buildings and traditional homes don’t have. Those are typically timber frame homes. If you’re thinking about a log cabin or lodge project, Hickory Circle can help you make your dream come true! We provide custom timber framing and trusses; your next property will have the strength and support it needs in a style that best suits your design ideas! And if you’re not considering a wooden project, here’s why you should: Wooden structures provide a unique place to lodge for your next vacation. Divergence from traditional buildings gives you a change of scenery that’s often relaxing and therapeutic. Wood is known to have psychological effects. It helps promote calmness and stress recovery and reminds us of nature. For this reason,

Why a Timber Frame Barn is Right for You

  Have you considered enlisting a contractor to build a new barn for you recently? Maybe you need somewhere for storage or livestock, or you are planning on opening a new business venture that needs a large open area. While it may be tempting to build the conventional way, make sure you look into a custom timber frame barn . You might just find that it’s perfect for you! The first advantage of using a timber frame barn is that you have a bevy of options when choosing your wood type. This is because timber frame barns do not require as heavy and dense woods as traditional structures. You may even be surprised to learn that these barns don’t have load-bearing walls. This being said, you are open to a more custom timber frame barn with your choice of wood from our select species. Another great reason to choose a timber frame barn is due to the more extravagant, open-floor plans they give you. With one of these structures, it is possible to have more flexibility in design, thanks largely t

Why We Use Spray Foam Insulation

      There are many ways that you can insulate your home. You could use structural insulated panels, fiberglass insulation systems, reflective systems, and even loose-fill and blown-in insulation. At Hickory Circle we use styrofoam and spray foam insulation systems to keep your home protected and as cool or as hot as you like it, all year round.           Spray foam is a superior solution to a lot of old systems used when insulating a home and these are some of the reasons why: It deters moisture. Water can easily get into the openings around your pipes and vents putting your home at risk for growth of mold and mildew. Most insulation used needs to be replaced when it gets wet, but not spray foam. It keeps its properties and can push itself into even the smallest cracks, leaving no room for water damage to your home.  It improves comfort. Because spray foam can get into the smallest nooks and crannies, it helps to prevent temperature fluctuation as it creates an air-tight seal. This k

Timber Frames vs. Steel Frames

  Timber vs. Steel          While the material to build your house is chosen mostly out of personal preference, there is no clear answer as to which material is best, timber or steel. There are a lot of things to take into consideration when picking between the two materials, it is not just about how it looks. Speed of construction, environmental impact, sustainability, cost, and your location are all good points to take into consideration. Here we will go through each point to help make your decision easier on you. Speed of Construction:     While both materials are assembled in a similar manner, timber can actually take a shorter time to put up due to steel needing more tools and labor to attach each element together. On top of this, timber frames can be put up by carpenters or even used in DIY situations, and it helps that most professionals have experience with wood more than metal. Steel will always need a steel fabricator to put your project together.  Environmental Impact and Su